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Book  Of Knowledge - Karen Daye-Hutchinson and Liam B de Frinse

‘Book Of Knowledge‘ A collection of experimental letter box sized etchings, produce from copper plates to form both Artists’ Book and installation of unique framed prints. Both artists worked on all the plates responding to each other’s mark making and narrative.

Liam de Frinse is primarily known as a painter but is also respected installation artist, sculptor, performance poet and writer. He was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1993 and in 1997 he represented Ireland at the International Celtic Festival in Lorient.

He often explores Celtic Themes through his work but always in a contemporary framework. His work deals with passion desire, fantasy and identity from a visceral male perspective. Liam describes his fundamental inspiration as being a fusion of the Irish landscape (industrial and rural) with his own personal mental landscapes.

© Karen Daye-Hutchinson and Liam B de Frinse 

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