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Karen Daye-Hutchinson and Jonny McEwen

Jonny had this to say about the project;
During my MFA studies, my practice developed from painting to include digital expressions, including generative code driven works and video. Since then, I have been keen to continue developing my practice through experimentation and collaboration. This Residency is a chance to work collaboratively with Karen Daye-Hutchinson, exploring a range of printmaking techniques, while interrogating a joint aesthetic that pushes us outside of our creative comfort zones;
Jonny McEwen was born in Enniskillen in 1966, he began painting in 1986 and first exhibited in 1991. A Graduate of the Art College in Belfast, Jonny comes from a background in painting, and now works in a  multi-disciplinary way, including working with video and code, producing code driven, digital works with a painterly aesthetic.

 The plan is to finalise the exhibition pieces and exhibit after lockdown when we get some normal.  Enquires welcome.

© Karen Daye-Hutchinson and Jonny mcEwen

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